About Us

Good senior consultancy and sales personnel are hard to find in the consultancy to Pharma/MedTech industry.

Gatehouse ICS (Independent Commercialisation Support) is based in South Wales and has three broad business units split over a permanent team and a support team of regular contractors taking us to a fluctuating possible staff level of up to 15 staff. The company was established in 2016 and is directed by ex-life science consultancy staff with 15+ years experience including shareholding directorship roles. We have also developed a Strategic Insights Panel (SIP) which comprises freelance individuals with decades of senior industry and consultancy experience who offer an external viewpoint on points of strategy, quality checking and troubleshooting. Our clients consistently rate us very highly for both the quality and results of our work and the way we work, resulting in a substantial workstream of repeat business as well as continual influx of new clients.

Our business units are:

  1. Business Development and Lead Generation for consultancies/vendors to pharma
  2. Training (e.g. Key Account Management; Consultancy Based Selling) for consultancies/vendors to pharma
  3. Market Research (clinician and payer interview research) including:
    • Outsourced payer/clinician recruitment and interviewing (if required) for consultancies to pharma
    • Asset Evaluation direct to pharma, medtech and biotech
    • Early stage innovation assessment and support for health innovators

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The company ethos is based upon doing things fairly and doing things right. These principles govern and underpin everything we do and how we do it.

For example, we believe that:

  • school leavers in low employment areas deserve awareness and access to the opportunities that exist in life sciences and health innovation; we therefore have a developing entry level employment scheme and internship programme as well as a sister company (a social enterprise) working towards these aims;
  • employees deserve a good work/life balance including flexibility for quality time with family and to engage in interests; we therefore operate a 4 day work week with variable & flexible time commitments from staff and perk days off (e.g. birthdays and between Christmas and New Year);
  • our clients’ ideas/products/services deserve a chance to reach their full potential; we therefore seek to understand and believe in our clients’ value messages in order to authentically work with enthusiasm and excellence towards these goals and no project is simply a tick box exercise we are always fully invested;
  • the business world does not have to be bullish, bullying, hard faced or fake; that employees do not need to work under disproportionate stress; and that kindness, integrity and being good humoured and easy to work with are paramount;
  • people are more important than pounds; we invest in and take care of our people and we give a proportion of our profits to charity.

Doing things fairly. Doing things right.