Our Ethos

Our customers, associates and employees find us:

  • good-humoured
  • easy to work with
  • true to our word
  • natural networkers and engaging communicators
  • persistent, strategic and insightful
  • passionate about the success of good ideas

In addition to our motivation to see good ideas reach their full potential for the sake of all stakeholders (not least patients), we also exist to invest in the local community.

Gatehouse ICS Ltd is based in South Wales, where there is a higher than UK average percentage of school leavers known not to be in education, employment or training (NEET). For young people, being NEET is associated with poor employment and health outcomes later in life, and a greater likelihood of contact with the criminal justice system, as well as a high cost to society.

In order to boost the local economy, one of the industries the Welsh government has chosen to focus on is health innovation (also known as life sciences or health care innovation). The life sciences sector in Wales employs around 11,000 people in over 350 companies and this pool of potential jobs is growing in line with the described focus and investment. These innovations require supporting consultancy and specialist professional services, which result in further career fields such as those provided by Gatehouse ICS Ltd.

Gatehouse ICS Ltd enjoys providing opportunities for local young people in these exciting and future proof careers, where aspirations, awareness and opportunities may have previously been lacking. Furthermore the founders have established a community interest company, RAISE Wales, aimed at raising awareness and aspirations of South Wales school leavers in regard to careers in life sciences and health innovation. From August 2021, RAISE Wales CIC will cease to exist as a legal entity as it was decided that many of the aims could be incubated from within the Gatehouse ICS commercial company by introducing an internship/entry level program with on the job learning in this sector.